Families in Wuntho earn regular income making traditional bamboo hats

Making Bamboo Hat
Women make bamboo hats at a house in Khat Cho Village in Wuntho Township, Sagaing Region on 17 September 2020. Photo : Kyaw Myaing (IPRD)

Manageable-scale Traditional bamboo hat business is earning the families regular income in Khat Cho Village in Wuntho Township in Sagaing Region. The main business of Khat Cho Village is a farming business. They are making bamboo hats on a manageable scale to earn extra income for their families. Now, the business is generating regular income.
“To make the bamboo hats, we have to buy the bamboo for K500. First, we drown the bamboo in the water. Then, the bamboo is cut into the strips. The hats are then woven with the use of the bamboo strips. A bamboo pole can make one hat a day. If we don’t have bamboo strips, it will take two days to make one hat. There are two types of bamboo hat. The woven bamboo hats are sold for K500 per one at home and K1,300 per one in the market. Making the manageable-scale traditional bamboo hats can earn the families extra income,” said Ma Thandar Htay from Khat Cho Village. “We are buying the raw woven bamboo hats from the village. Then, we painted the bamboo hats and sold them in the market. The painted bamboo hats are also sent to Nam Si Aung, Mawlu, Katha, Mohnyin, Myitkyina and Hopin townships. The 100 painted bamboo hats can make K10,000 profit. During the pandemic period, we are faced with the transportation difficulties, said Daw Yee Sein, a manageable-scale bamboo hat seller from Khat Cho village. Over 470 people from 94 households are living in Khat Cho village. The whole village is making the bamboo hats as the bamboo mat manufacturing business on a manageable scale can make the families earn extra income.—Kyaw Myaing (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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