Everybody need be involved in the change process

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It is no use crying over spilled milk because what has been done cannot be undone. Bearing this in mind, we had better not talk about the bitter experiences of the past. What counts is what we ought to do now to effectuate a change in many aspects in order that we can lead a life of better quality in future.
In this function, it is worth pondering over where we should start from in the process of change. As all the bad habits are developed by our dirty mindset, priority should be given to changing of mental attitude. But this is easier said than done. According to Lord Buddha, what makes us most difficult is to admonish ourselves. It really takes time to mend our behaviour and manners. This being so, we cannot expect an abrupt change. As people tend to resist change, there has emerged a new discipline of Change Management as a branch of Management Science.
As there are a multitude of aspects that need change, it is difficult for the authorities to decide as to which areas should be given precedence – is it the rule of law? or is it the amendment of 2008 Constitution? or is it the economic system? or is it the national development etc? In fact, all these things are hard to implement simultaneously. It is, therefore, advisable that change should be effectuated one after one.
In this juncture, it is worth remembering that popular support plays an important role in national development process. However, support alone is not helpful – people should actively participate in the nation-building activities. They cannot be said to be dutiful just by voting for a popular leader. Therefore, the entire mass of people are urged to be enthusiastically involved in national development tasks.

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