Developing spirit of cooperation between young and older people vital for growth

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y ouths are the future and hope of any nation. They are talented and innovative — they are the symbol of strength and persistence.
We need to empower the next generation so that they can take their responsibility of strengthening a system laid down by the previous generation.
Myanmar is leading a people-based system, because people are the most effective resource of the system to benefit the country and the people.
Building a system is similar to construction of a road. Whether the condition of the road our country will have to walk can bear the big challenges will be decided by our people.
The future road of the country should be ‘all-weather road’, which is trafficable in all weather conditions.
To get a high-quality road, it is necessary to use good materials and a good system when we start building a road.
Likewise, one of the main materials which are necessary for building a country is our people. Our people’s morality and qualifications are good materials. We need a good system to make correct use of these good resources.
The country is paying attention to nurturing our youths to become leaders and positive contributors in their communities and to strengthening the system of the Union, so that it will be able to meet the challenges when the country faces conflicts and obstacles.
Though young people have less experience than older people, they are generally less pessimistic than older people.
Generally, it is found that older people take pragmatic approach to an issue but young people are more inclined to ideology.
It means we can bring success to our every effort for the country in the spirit of cooperation between the youths and older people.
All youths must be redirected to reach greater heights in their lives. Older people need to work hand-in-hand with younger people to empower them.
The nation’s future rests on the next generation’s livelihood, skills and sense of personal security.
At the same time, we would like to urge our young people to develop the spirit of cooperation to get good friends on their road to all-round development.
A nation that fails to invest in the future of its young people is a doomed nation.

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