Cooperation between government, employers, employees key to eliminating forced labour

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Myanmar’s labour reforms are crucial for the future of the country and for ensuring peace, strengthening democracy, and helping our people prosper.
With the recent launch of the National Complaints Mechanism (NCM), Myanmar has taken a step forward towards eradicating forced labour in the country.
However, for putting an end to forced labour, the mechanism needs to be effective and gain the trust of the people.
Hence, a mobile phone application and database need to be developed for the NCM, with the assistance of the International Labour Organization, so that it can work systematically and accurately for the elimination of forced labour and recruitment of child soldiers.
In addition, while amending the 2011 labour organization law, care must be taken to ensure the new law conforms to the situation in the country and factors in the demands of employers and employees.
Laws must safeguard and prevent the exploitation of those who do not understand them, or, the needy, who cannot obey them.
It would be worth noting that just amending laws related to labour would not be enough for achieving the goals we are marching towards. Both employers and employees must respect and observe them. Or, the efforts made by the tripartite group, including government representatives, employers, and employees, would not result in success.
Besides, it is necessary to take action against those who break the law.
Our commitment to the elimination of forced labour is a milestone for the labour sector and for the country as well.
We welcome the constructive agreements that were reached at the 10th and 11th tripartite meetings of the Technical Working Group on Labour Law Reform (TWG-LLR), held in October, 2019 and 11 January, 2020.
Again, we hope that more constructive agreements are inked in the upcoming 12th meeting.
We believe that cooperation between the government and labour organizations, which represent and lead the labour force across the country, as a model of solidarity serving in the interests of employees, would become a milestone in efforts to eliminate forced labour in our country.

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