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Much has been heard about viral news that potential sanctions will be slapped on Myanmar, due to the affairs in the Rakhine State. Rumors are spreading that these sanctions would be targeted on high-ranking officials of the Tatmadaw. Here we would like to present that the news is completely contrary to assumptions and ideas of retired Lt General Wi Jojo who took part in transforming the Indonesian Army during the transitional period towards a democracy in Indonesia.
Lieutenant General Wi Jojo (retired) said that making Indonesian army officers including high-ranking officials study at the military institutes of developed democratic nations encourages Indonesian army officers to perform their duties and responsibilities in typical military ways. To perform duties in typical military ways incudes to perform military responsibilities and dealing with human rights affairs, in accord with international standards. What we would like to say is that imposing sanctions against Tatmadaw officials at different levels would be counter-productive, to say the least. It would in fact have a negative effect on Myanmar’s transition towards a democratic government. The international community and Western governments in particular should be fully aware that there is a well-paid propaganda machine supporting the extremist terrorists and their sympathizers who are working day and night to attack Myanmar leaders, the Myanmar Tatmadaw and Myanmar as a country.
Allegations are being heard that the mass exodus amounting to several hundred thousand of Bengalis was attributed to excessive use of force by our Tatmadaw. Yet these allegations are exactly what they are, allegations. Those who are repeating these allegations for reasons best known to themselves are unable to come up with credible evidence. For example, just presenting satellite images of burnt villages do not prove anything. At the ground level there may be many possible explanations. The persons who committed these acts of arson could be the fleeing villagers, ARSA terrorists, or vigilantes of any stripe or race. Repeating allegations without evidence shows an ignorance of the legal process. This is most regrettable when such allegations are being made by well-known TV stations or many of the underground Youtube channels with dubious and suspicious names. The actual problems in Rakhine State were really caused by the systematic coordinated attacks of ARSA extremist terrorists. These attacks were led by hardcore terrorists but with the support of villagers from the neighboring villages, who were either forced or recruited by terrorist recruiters. It is very regrettable that the so-called defenders of human rights failed to report in a responsible way in accordance with the code of conduct of professional journalists. As for the Tatmadaw, their duty is to defend the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country. They are trained to meet the enemy head on, with courage and determination, and in full uniform in full combat gear. They do not wear black masks like terrorists or fabricate fake news or invent heartbreaking stories to win the sympathy of the global community.
The Myanmar government has openly asserted that it will accept Bengali refugees said to have fled in accord with the 1993 Agreement between Myanmar and Bangladesh and grant citizenship rights after careful scrutiny in accord with the 1982 Citizenship Law. For stability and security of the people in Rakhine State including people of Bengali extraction who will come into the country again, the Government will implement after negotiations with the Bangladesh government and hand in hand with the Tatmadaw.
This fact should be deeply understood by the international community. Releasing news that sanctions will be imposed against Tatmadaw officials by neglecting the actual facts of the case would be tantamount to creating unnecessary hardships for Myanmar instead of helping her.
We wish to present our belief that the international community should examine the problem deeply and thoroughly before jumping into any conclusions or be swayed by the relentless propaganda being manufactured by the propaganda machines which are being funded by certain sympathetic countries in the middle east and South Asia.

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