Constantly alert to the challenges, aim to resolve them through dialogue and negotiation

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  • The Union Government conducted three Union Peace Conference-21st Century Panlong meetings as it considers the peace process the most important undertaking. In spite of difficulties, there has been progress in each and every meeting.
    Consolidating the cessation of armed conflicts and achieving success in the political dialogue by going forward is very important for the entire peace process.
    Many were worrieda that it would be too difficult to forge ahead, but in spite of the difficulties, we have moved forward.
    There have been difficulties and disappointments as anticipated but incessant negotiations, endless patience, the goodwill of participants and the encouragement and help of our people and our friends have enabled us to keep moving forward.
    The meeting between the Union Government and the signatories to the NCA is being held in Nay Pyi Taw and the peace talks is focusing how to overcome the difficulties faced in implementing the NCA signed between the Union Government and the ethnic armed organizations-EAOs.
    The peace talks are witnessing a “no turning back but moving forward” mode in the national reconciliation and peace efforts, marking an important milestone in the path of peace.
    The Twenty-first Century Panglong Conference seeks to put an end to the armed strife that has ravaged Myanmar since its birth as an independent nation. It also aims to establish a strong democratic federal union founded on lasting unity created out of diversity.
    Experiences of other countries have shown that the path of peace processes seldom run smooth and unimpeded.
    “As ours was of unparalleled intricacy, involving more than the common number of players, we were prepared for difficulties and disappointments, setbacks and even breakdowns”, said State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi in her Singapore lecture in August.
    But we are determined to persevere because without peace, our transition could not blossom and bear fruit.
    It is normal for people to have different viewpoints in dialogues. Especially in a country like ours where there were historically no political dialogues ever, we will have to take time to resolve the political problems through political means.
    Now the people and the peace makers must all work together, hand in hand, on the long journey ahead. Through unity, empathy, solidarity and the Panglong spirit, we will strive to overcome the challenges that we will encounter along the way ahead.
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