Compensation given to families of Maesot car accident victims

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Director-General U Win Shein presents compensation to families member of victims of a car accident that occurred just outside of Maesot, Thailand.  Photo: Pe Zaw

Myanmar workers, who were victims of a car accident that occurred just outside of Maesot, Thailand, on 9 April, were presented with compensation at a ceremony held at the Department of Labour Skills Training Centre, Yankin Township, Yangon, yesterday morning.
Department of Labour Director General U Win Shein said, “A car carrying Myanmar workers who were working under an MoU system met with an accident on 9 April killing six and injuring 12 of them. The Myanmar military attaché in Thailand together with officials from the two countries provided timely assistance to the accident victims.
Compensation was provided for the first time in Myawady. This is the second time we are providing compensation out of sympathy for the workers. All workers are, in their own way, supporting our country’s development, and thus, this is a loss for the country as well.” The compensation totalled Ks18.205 million (Thai Baht 19,500), which includes Ks5 million from the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population; Ks2.4 million from the Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement; Ks4.905 million and Baht19,500 from Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation; and Ks5.8 million from Golden Royal Mandalay Co. Ltd. The compensation was accepted by the family members of the six workers who passed away and the 12 that were injured in the accident.
Ma Zar Chi Hlaing from Mandalay Region Pyawbwe Township said, “My sister was killed in the accident. We received Ks1.2 million today. Earlier in Myawady, we received Ks1.3 million. We will make a donation in memory of our sister so that she gains merit from it. The government has been providing assistance since the accident occurred. I learnt that there will be more compensation money.”
Golden Royal Mandalay Services Co. Ltd. Managing Director U Than Htut Oo said, “We did the best we could as persons responsible for sending the workers there. They will receive insurance money later. This is being done under the Thai process and procedure. Each victim will receive more than Baht700,000. Travel arrangements (passport, visa etc.) for a family member or next of kin to receive the insurance money are being made. Once the other side is ready, they can go and accept it. Of the 12 who were hurt in the accident, only one is still in the hospital. The rest were discharged from Tak Province hospital and are getting outpatient treatment in hotels/clinics near the factory where they are working.”
Golden Royal Mandalay Services Co. Ltd. arranged for the workers to work at the Sukhonavsaon Co. Ltd. work site. A car carrying 51 workers developed a flat tyre just outside of Maesot and fell into a ravine on 9 April, where six female workers were killed and 12 were hurt.
On 10 April, the Myanmar military attaché to Thailand Brig-Gen Khin Zaw, Myawady District chief administrator, labour attaché, officials from Myanmar Overseas Employment Agencies Federation, Myanmar agency, Thai agency, a Lt-Gen from the Thai military, Tak Province Administrator and officials inspected the accident site and visited the hospital where the victims were being treated.
For the families of the six workers killed in the accident, Myawady District chief administrator provided Ks100,000 each and Golden Royal Mandalay Services Co. Ltd. provided Ks1.2 million each in Myawady, it is learnt.
Officials had made arrangements for the families of the workers killed in the accident to receive insurance money, while workers hurt in the accident were being provided with follow-up health care treatment until their full recovery. Officials are coordinating with the Thai government in order to prevent such accidents from recurring, it is learnt.


Zaw Gyi

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