Co-operation between Myanmar and India


President U Htin Kyaw has reached an agreement with the Indian government during his state visit to India that co-operation between Myanmar and India needs to be enhanced in order that inclusive growth and development can be further effectuated. Also, peace, prosperity and stability in the two countries and also in the region as a whole can be promoted. In this function, the leaders of the two countries have expressed their support for the continuation and restrengthening of dialogue within the framework of existing bilateral institutional mechanisms.
It is also worth mentioning at this juncture that the Indian government has expressed support for the Union Peace Conference—21st Century Panlong. This is an indication of India’s being a good neighbor. In regard to security and defence co-operation, India has reaffirmed its commitment to fight the scourge of terrorism and insurgent activities in all their forms and manifestations. Both countries have reiterated their commitments to have respect for the sovereign power and territorial integrity of India and Myanmar, as well as to continue to practise the policy of not allowing  any insurgent organizations to exploit their land for launching of hostile activities against the other side.
Concerning the development and prosperity of the people residing in areas bordering the two nations, the two leaders have come to an agreement to promote bilateral co-operation to effectuate overall socio-economic development in the border areas. In addition, it is heartening to learn that India has expressed its support for the progress in the reform process inclusive of Myanmar’s effort regarding national reconciliation.
In this function, the two countries have agreed that the delegation of India and Myanmar will continue to work together closely during the deliberations in all relevant UN forums. In regard to regional co-operation, Myanmar side has informed the Indian side that State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi will participate in the forthcoming Outreach Summit between BRICS and BIMSTEC partners to be held in India on 16 October of this year. India has welcomed her visit, which is a sign that Myanmar is now better participating in both regional and global activities.

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