Children need a supportive classroom

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There are certain differences between classrooms in cities and those in rural areas. While teachers in villages do not have modern school facilities and must manage classrooms of crowded children, their city counterparts are gaining additional opportunities.
While the urban lifestyle is too rushed and hard, parents have to use a considerable amount of money for their children. Some parents cannot take their children to schools themselves and must arrange privately owned school buses. Those who cannot check school lessons of their children may send them to after-school tuition.
In order to supplement their incomes, some classroom teachers turn to illegally providing tuition. Their income from this tuition often exceeds their teaching salary. Seeing the opportunity to get better income in cities, teachers from other areas seek appointment at city schools by approaching education authorities. As a result, rural areas often have fresh teachers and residential teachers. This situation is a good opportunity for rural children. They can learn from new and active teachers who recently completed education courses. The residential teachers who are quite content with the existing lifestyle can focus on both children and lessons.
Children need supportive classrooms where teachers concentrate on education, not on money from tuition fees. Children who do not receive tuition may feel disadvantaged compared to their friends who are tutored by their classroom teachers. Ethics and codes of conducts are important for teachers as they should be icons for the future generation.

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