Changing our mindset in building a Democratic Federal Republic

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Today, all the people of Myanmar are united in reaching the same goal of establishing a Democratic Federal Republic.
Our country is a Union, as ethnic people live together throughout the country. If it is a Union, it must be a federal Union with a democratic system that guarantees freedom, security and self-determination for all the people residing in the country.
The sovereignty of the country spreads to the states and regions in a federal country, and all people have the right to sustain and develop their ethnic literature, culture, language and tradition, along with the government’s policy of equitable development of all states and regions.
Also, a Democratic Federal Republic must guarantee a politically, economically and socially fair administrative system to provide all citizens with equal opportunities, and equality in the face of the law.
It must be an administrative system that preserves the rule of law and not one that leads to the oppression of people. It must provide an administrative machinery that ensures the safety and happiness of the people.
In a democratic system, the executive pillar must serve the people. In our country, people have given the government the authority for a democratic transition.
In the legislative pillar, there are laws, rules, a constitution and law makers who make the laws. Whether the laws were truly beneficial for the country and people, appropriate to the situation of the respective places, or not, needs to be reviewed and assessed.
It is the duty of the MPs to be well versed in their rights, laws and rules. Apart from making laws in the parliament, they need to coordinate with relevant authorities on regional development issues.
The judiciary must be unbiased, to provide all citizens with equality before the law. No one is above the law and no one must interfere in legal judgments.
The three pillars, namely the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, need to check and balance one another.
They need to cooperate and work together towards development of the country, as well as peace and prosperity for the citizens.
As the country is in transition to democracy, officials from various departments must not consider one another as rivals, but as colleagues, and are required to coordinate for the benefit of the country and its people.
We need to change our mindset to reach our goal of a Democratic Federal Republic. Reform or change is not a threat. It is an opportunity for peace and prosperity for our future generations.

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