Cattle breeders earn more than K1 million per year

DSC07236 72RURAL people in Tatkon Township, Nay Pyi Taw Council Area, are mainly engaged in agriculture and livestock breeding tasks.
After harvesting crops, local farmers focus on breeding of cows on a manageable scale as rural areas in the township have much room for cattle breeding.
Due to climate change, Tatkon, which is one of the dry regions of Myanmar, is seeing less rainfall yearly. Local farmers have begun to invest in sank tube-wells for irrigating various crops.
A partnership breeder said that he tends cows at the reed-mace grove and harvested green gram plantations at Hsinthe creek in the monsoon and cold season. But he takes care that his cows do not enter the thriving crop plantations.
“I have 10 cows and oxen being bred with a partnership breeder. Cows can become pregnant once a year. I can sell K300,000 per one-year cow and K350,000 per one-year ox. The excrement of cows can be sold for K5,000 per bullock-cart. We can produce one viss (aprox. 1.6 litres) of milk per cow daily. As such, I can earn more than K1 million yearly from the selling of young bulls, milk and cow excrement,” said U Hla Aung, owner of cow herd from Thayawhan village.—Tin Soe Lwin (IPRD)

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