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“Campuses must be beautiful, cool, and pleasant for students pursuing a university education,”

Round table discussion on creating pleasant campuses for university students

Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung, the Rector of East Yangon University.

The MRTV broadcast roundtable discussions in quest of creating beautiful, cool and pleasant campuses. The panelists at the discussions are Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung, Rector of East Yangon University, Dr. Maung Maung Naing, Rector of Yadanabon University, Dr. Moe Pwint, Rector, University of Computer Studies in Mandalay (UCSM), Dr. Aung Win, Rector (Duty) of University of Technology in Mandalay (Yatanapon Cyber City), U Aung Myat Soe, Principal of Taungoo Education College.
Coordinator: Why the university students are needed to have pleasant campuses.
Dr. Maung Maung Naing: In Myanmar, we have (174) universities, degree colleges and colleges, and we also have (134) universities, degree colleges and colleges under the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education.
The students who passed the Matriculation Examination are poised to attend the universities, and that it is very much essential for the students to have cool and pleasant campuses in their pursuit of higher learning for the good of the country.
Coordinator: What should be done for that purpose?
Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung: For those students who are in pursuit for higher education must have pleasant campuses. The 21st century calls for quality education with guarantee of knowledge with lifelong learning skills, and that the universities are the resource venues.
The campuses have two main functions such as that of subject wise teaching and that of extra activities (or) co-curriculum activities. Subject wise teaching activities are carried out in the classrooms with teaching aides with the access of Internet in the teaching trend of 21st century that necessitates libraries and Wi-Fi accessibility that we need to equip with. The lessons learned in the classrooms are to be applied through the Internet to broaden up the knowledge.
Honoring the nation
To ensure better campus life, we have added social activities such as arts and sports, and have also adopted a sports calendar. We successfully hosted (19) ASEAN University Games where students from (134) schools participated, thus elevating the honor of the nation. In this connection, we need sports facilities as well as arts associations for extra activities, preferably with karate and Myanma martial arts courses.
Pleasant Environment
Another vital aspect is on social activities such as blood donation as the students happily participated under the aegis of Myanmar Red Cross Society, and also in the participation of university training corps for the creation of university campus development.
Scouts activities must also be streamlined for the nice campus. For the creation of physical and spiritual enjoyable campus, we need to work together among the rectors, the students, and the faculty members with the support of the ministry.
Moderator: What should be added to make the university nice and pleasant with honor?
Dr. Maung Maung Naing: We need a master plan that mapped out the projects such as that of the site of library, that of the convocation hall, that of the education zones, that of staff housing, and that of market, all earmarked with main utility and status in the plan for the budget proposal. When the budget is approved from the ministry, implementation is to be carried out in accordance with the allocation.
Moderator: Please explain on the view of Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung.
Dr. Kyaw Kyaw Khaung: On yearly basis, the faculty members and the students worked together for the pleasant campus with the participation of student unions and social associations, mainly in uplifting the image of the university with the greening tasks in the whole environment.
The second half of the academic year falls in the rainy season of June, and all the associations come together in the cleaning tasks and the planting of trees in the campus with the main purpose for university identity.
Moral boosting
Another factor is related with mental development of the students that covers artistic activities through the dance club and music club where the state level artistes and vocalists visited and provided necessary assistance and support. The students are so agreeable that they could persuade the talented celebrities to come up to the university.
The guitar club is wonderful as well as the martial arts club is popular along with the chess game club and painting club. The ingredients of a nice campus require not only the identity, but also the unity and cooperation between the faculty members and the students.
Moderator: Dr. Daw Moe Pwint may kindly share your view.
Dr. Moe Pwint: In the sector of teaching, we utilize and make the most of the “Learning Management System” (LMS) which covers that of the academic pursuit of the students, that of the lecture preparation of the faculty members through the system, that of assessment and evaluation on the students, that of the sharing in information, that of the provision of library and digital library, that of the encouragement to physical visit to the library.
Job Opportunities
In providing job opportunities for the students, we arranged job fair and career fair by inviting outside experts in sharing their experiences at various seminars. Moreover, we have equipped with electricity generators to avoid power cut off as we are using computers and projectors through the Learning Management System. With the approval of the ministry, we have deployed the security committee for (24) hours protection.
Moderator: Please share your view on the pleasant pursuit of higher learning for the students.
Dr. Moe Pwint: My university is (14) miles far from Mandalay downtown, and that the students have to travel by bus daily in attending the university. The situation calls for the need to the stakeholders in arranging the special shuttle bus or separate student bus through the cooperation of the regional government.
Although we have some hostels provided by the government, we need more hostels for the students coming from various townships, and that budget allocation is required. In connection with the hostels, other relevant requirements should be included that of the water and electricity supply, that of personal amenities, that of mini marts for shopping personal items, that of health care units, and that of sport facilities.
These facilities are available at the East Yangon University; however, many universities across the country are lacked in such offerings, and therefore, we need to submit yearly budget in acquiring the indoor sports facilities, the music clubs, and recreation centers in making the campuses beautiful, cool and nice.

(To be continued)
Translated by UMT (Ahlon)

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