Breastfeeding: an effective intervention

By Aye Phyu

*    Child mortality
To drop by two-thirds according to MDGs
A goal not that far-fetched nor that simple
But one for which all adults should feel
*    Awareness raising for reproductive health
Correct information and health-facts to get spread
Men as partners in maternal health
Everything that’d make pregnant mothers healthy and gain strength
*    Once the newborn arrives
Breastfeeding’s a simple way to save its life
With crucial nutrients to provide
And to foster its healthy growth outright
*    Exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months
Boosts up infants’ immune system pretty fast
Protecting them from respiratory infections
And the special bond to their moms being
*    Breastfeeding practices
Part of our culture but not an end in itself
Should be encouraged by all in the community
As a means to an end-far a drop in child mortality

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