Border Customs in Ruili (Shweli) to be reopened after one week


By Nyein Nyein
Following the detection of COVID-19 cases in Ruili (Shweli), China shut down its Customs office from 15 September, and the checkpoint was reopened on 22 September, said U Min Thein, vice president of Muse rice depot. Therefore, trucks can enter and exist again, he continued.
On 12 September, people tested positive for COVID-19 were found. China has restricted border crossing from 14 September and imposed a lockdown on Ruili, apart from hospitals and supermarkets. The Customs clearance offices have been closed from 15 September. And the checkpoint would be in service after all the residents have tested for the COVID-19. They stated it would take about one week.
The closure of crucial Customs checkpoint came to a complete halt in border trade between Myanmar and China, the traders stressed. Myanmar has officially opened 18 land border crossings with China, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Laos to conduct bilateral border trade.
Myanmar’s border trade in the current financial year was estimated at US$9.9 billion. Myanmar-China border constitutes 60 per cent of total border trade, earning $5.4 billion. The suspended Muse-Ruili border trade performed $4.5 billion. Myanmar exports agricultural products, including rice and fishery products such as crab, prawn, etc. Furthermore, Myanmar’s natural gas export to China is also conducted through Muse-Ruili border. (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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