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A bilingual book about Australia just released for English learners.
The title of the book is “Moment of Joy with Grandparents in Campbelltown” authored by Yoon May Myat (Australia) and edited by Sayar Mya.
According to the foreword of Sayar Mya, the book is targeted to students and junior staff members as well as grandparents, moms and dads in addition to grand kids. Moreover, the book is sure to be instrumental as a basic stepping stone for enthusiastic persons who are desirous and eager to contribute as far as possible in the future at their own manageable scale and pace to the community, the society and the country by using the motley assortment of English books and Internet on nation building affairs. The travelogue is easily readable to all as it is written in Myanmar and English.
As the travel involved Singapore and Australia, the book is constituted and constructed on actual facts of both the countries.
Since Myanmar citizens are more or less familiar with Singapore, the book just thinly laced in short summary only with (10) tourist attractions and (7) venues worth to be visited.
In featuring Australia, it highlighted the basic infrastructure of New South Wales, reflecting the life-style and day to day activities of common public.
The book is currently available at cell phone of Sayar Mya 0950-14721.

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