Big chill in Tachileik good for sale of coal burners

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A SPELL of cold weather in the eastern Shan State town of Tachileik between January 25-27 caused a three day spike in sales of coal burners as people sought to keep themselves warm in their homes.
“On an average day, we’ll sell about 2 or 3 burners. But we’ve been selling over a 100 a day since the start of the extra cold weather.” said Daw Moe Moe from Wun Kaung Market in Tachileik.
As well as coal burners being imported from the town of Mai Sai, located on the Thai side of the boarder, into Tachileik with the arrival of the big chill, coal was also being circulated for sale.
“The temperature has been getting colder by the day. Parents have prevented their children from going to school for two days, keeping them in the home, afraid they’ll get cold. People have taken time off work, bought a heater and been huddling around it in the homes to keep warm.” said a resident of Tachileik, Ko Kyaw Moe.
Starting from January 25, the temperature in Tachileik dropped to 8 degrees centigrade before climbing up to 15 degrees three days later on January 27.
There have also been reports from some residents that temperatures dropped to as low as 7 degree centigrade on January 26 on the Lwemway mountain, located near the eastern Shan State town of Keng Tung, to the point where ice formed.

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