Beware COVID-19 second wave

The world is facing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases as the pandemic continues to accelerate, the World Health Organization has warned.
Some of our neighbours are among countries that is struggling today to control the resurgence of the infection though they had done well at the controlling the transmission in early days.
Thanks to the participation of the people in containing the coronavirus infection, our country has contained the infection to a certain extent in March, April and May. But, it has been found that people are inconsistent in following the COVID-19 health guidelines since June.
But, we should be aware that about 61 per cent of COVID-19 positive patients in our country had no symptoms of the coronavirus. Hence, our country has the potential to see second wave of cases with high numbers in case there are some people with no symptoms of COVID-19 infection in our community.
We will have a more difficult time controlling coronavirus if a large number of cases occur quickly. If we care, we must take steps that are increasingly preventive.
People should still follow stricter rules as a precaution to prevent the resurgence of the coronavirus infection.
Everyone who is not impaired by a medical condition should wear a mask because warning masks can decrease the chance of COVID-19 spreading significantly.
People should also still be social distancing by remaining at least six feet away from others and avoiding large crowds. While these practices do not completely omit of the possibility of contracting COVID-19, it can greatly help minimize yours and others’ chances.
Besides, people are also highly advised to inform the authorities if they find those who return from neighbouring countries illegally.
Legal action has been initiated against those who do not abide by orders and do not comply with mandatory quarantine regulations.
If everyone were to still be precautious and courteous to others, we will greatly reduce the number of new cases in our country. COVID-19 is still a threat and can affect yourself and your loved ones. While quarantine may be gone, we still need to take precautions to prevent the spread.
The situation demands that the ministry gear up its current efforts for fighting the disease to prevent the second wave of COVID-19 from affecting a lot of businesses and caused a lot of people to lose their jobs.

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