Beekeepers worry about damaging mites in Magway

Bee breeding has been a popular business for the locals in Magway Region.  PHOTO:  Zayyatu (Magway)
Bee breeding has been a popular business for the locals in Magway Region.  PHOTO: Zayyatu (Magway)

The beekeepers from Magway region are worrying about varroa jacobsoni or bee mite falling on their farmland, according to the Apiculture Division in Magway Region. On 1 August, the mites were found in some bee farming camps, which were moved to Magway from Mandalay Region. These bee farms were relocated to other bee farming camps six miles away. “In 2000, the varroa mites were found in the bee farming camps. However, it has been so long we do not find any varroa insects. Now, this is a serious situation. These varroa insects can reduce production. They can also destroy the bee farming,” said U Kyaw Tin Myint, a beekeeper.
The bee farming camps from Mandalay and Sagaing regions are now being inflicted with the varroa jacobsoni insects. The beekeepers move their bee farms and cultivate other crops like sesame, sunflowers and plum crops, which are the seasonal plants, and they are likely to be infected in those crops farming as well, said a beekeeper. “This varroa jacobsoni insect is big and can live a long life. It can also jump. It is highly likely to be infected when the bees are pollinating. Sixty-five per cent Flomax acid in the form of pesticide can kill the varroa jacobsoni insects. The Apiculture Division is also taking effective measures and investigating to prevent the varroa jacobsoni insects from falling onto the bee farming camps,” said U Soe Naing, regional head from the Apiculture Division of Magway Region.
When the beekeepers moved to the plum farms in Kani town, Monywa District, where there is 60 per cent of the country’s honey production, the division needs to give recommendations that their bees are not infected. The division also provided the training courses to the beekeepers as to how to protect against the varroa jacobsoni insects, he said.—Zayyatu (Magway) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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