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Be prepared to give rather than take

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Concerning internal peace, Defence Services Commander-in Chief Senior General Min Aung Hlaing vowed to co-operate with the incumbent government at a press briefing recently. People are believed to be heartened to hear such commitment on the part of military, which is a key player in Myanmar politics.
Retrospecting the history of Myanmar, people can see that country was prosperous and affluent when the top leaders were united.  The First Myanmar Propre, the Second Myanmar Propre and the Third Myanmar Propre were founded by Myanmar monarchs who could have mobilized their kingdom, seeking unity between and among the different factions with different racial, cultural and religious backgrounds.
It is a time now when effort is being exerted to achieve internal peace through building unity among national races i.e. national reconciliation process. In this regard, it is worth noting that compromise can be reached only when all the stakeholders are willing to ‘give’ rather than take. In fact, the expression itself is ‘give and take’ policy not ‘take and take’ one.
It goes without saying that only when leaders of the political parties, leaders of the ethnic armed organizations and the military leaders can find a common ground in regard to establishment of a federal union under which power sharing, resource sharing and revenue sharing are fair and square, without allowing a party to take the lion’s share, without letting a race dominate other ethnic minorities, with fairness, justice, equality, human rights and democracy prevailing throughout the union, inhabited by a plethora of indigenous races.
In conclusion, the Global New Light of Myanmar would like to urge all stakeholders to be united, patient, willing to compromise, magnanimous, broadminded, forgiving and forgetting the bitter past experiences so that national reconciliation can be achieved and a federal democratic union can be established.

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