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Bag full of stars

By AW Khin Myat Phone
Grade 11 A, BEHS 4, Botahtaung

I was amazed when I opened the bag. It was full of stars. It was so warm, too. Warmer than the warmest thing to touch. They were glowing yellow. Some twinkling and some shining brightly. I wondered who had picked them up from the dark sky and put them there. I looked around but found no one. I was there all alone on a grassy hill. Darkness was all around me. Everything was silent. I gazed up to the sky above me. All inky and without stars. Seeing the starless sky made me miss those starry nights.
Then, I looked down into the bag. The little stars were still there. So puzzling! While thinking what to do, I stepped towards my shed where I was staying, still waiting for my return. In my hands was the bag full of stars. When I reached to my shed, I gently put the bag down. A winking light bulb was the only thing which gave me light during the gloomy nights. With a mug of warm cheap tea in my left hand, I sat down quietly on my back-broken only chair. I had many questions rushing in and out of my head. My eyes were stuck on the bag that was at the corner. I stood up and opened it again. Still, my eyes met the flickering stars. Nothing else!
The wind, it came in swiftly and made me cool, then went out again. The night was soundless. Though there wasn’t much furniture at my place, I had a clock to tell me the time. Despite the chilly breath of wind running around the room, I dozed off for a while. When I opened my lazy eyes again, I saw the clock showing me the time, eleven o’clock. Nearly midnight. All in my head were the questions asking myself what I needed to do with this bag. “Should I bring it back and replace it in its place?” I questioned. “Or should I just keep it here always?” No answer. I sighed and stared out to the distance from my frameless window. Time was flying by.
Then, I decided to take the bag back to its own place so that if its owner came and searched for it would be found there. I grabbed it and nosed out into the lonesome night. I knew that everybody else would be sleeping soundly at such a late, late time like this. Nobody knew what was happening, except the night and I. Going back to the hill where I found it seemed a bit further than coming back home before. I breathed my favourite song into the air on the way there. I didn’t know where my song went to as it disappeared into the night as soon as I finished. I carried on whispering some melodies from my lips as my feet walked steadily towards my destination. I followed the same path although after travelling for a few minutes, I still couldn’t see any shadow of the previous hill.
“Have I gone the wrong way?” I wondered and looked high and low for it. No, no. It couldn’t be found anywhere then. And I hadn’t followed the wrong way as well. Certainly.
While then, I ran here and there to find it. Without being careful, I tripped over a stone that was beneath my feet and I fell down with my face on the ground. As I fell, the bag went flying into the air and it as well dropped down onto the ground, then landed beside me. I feared that the stars would be all broken. So I immediately crawled near it to see if they were fine. Abruptly, I saw the tiny glowing stars moving slowly up to the plain unilluminated sky. Up and up they went. I watched them with my widely-opened eyes. The scene was so heavenly.
After some time, I caught a glimpse of the sky. There, I saw them twinkling and shining, brighter than ever. Again, our Earth had another starry night. Seeing them in the sky again made me feel so pleasant, with no such worries and fears. But still there is a question left. Who picked the stars from this endless night sky and put them in the bag?

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