Attitude towards littering in Myanmar


Littering has serious environmental impacts and is a considerable resource and financial burden for governments, business and the communities. It is a major concern in Myanmar.  People lack self-discipline and they just drop litters at their comfort without taking notice of the environment. Some people are ignorant and not educated properly, and do not know the consequences of their own actions. I am truly disgusted and saddened by the state of our roadsides, markets and places behind apartment blocks. Imagine the impression it must have on international visitors. Not only that, we must think about the impact it will have on the country’s image.
There could be many reasons why we throw rubbish every day.  One reason could be that we are used to this littering habit. One must be thinking “why should I care, even if I do not litter, most of the people are littering anyway. One person would not make a difference”. But let me tell you that even one person can really make a difference when people around you take it as an example and start doing the way you do. Therefore, let us be an example for people around us.
Laziness is also another factor when it comes to littering. People are lazy and simply do not want to carry litters until they find a dustbin.  It gets even worse when there is lack of trash bins. Having trash bins everywhere for easy access could minimize littering. But whatever the case is, we must be a responsible citizen.
Another reason is that you are charged with money every three months or so for cleaning out the rubbish including places behind your apartment buildings. People would say “well, we pay you for cleaning out the rubbish therefore I have the right to drop litters” Well, people, what are you thinking? Do you even realize that you are basically ruining your own place and from that it could lead to an unhealthy environment? You and your neighbors are the ones who will have to suffer at the end. So can we please stop throwing rubbish on the streets and behind your apartment buildings?
Furthermore, I would like to stress that township authorities should be responsible for proper management of garbage disposal. What happen is garbage trucks do not come often– may be normally once a month or so. When it comes, it does not collect all the garbage so the rest of the trash just sits in piles especially near markets. It is even more disgusting in rainy season since the litters are all wet and producing extremely unpleasant odor.
We must stop this littering habit and we must educate people around us on the impact of littering and how the trash affects the environment. For that, we cannot work alone. We need every concerned person from every sector to take care of the environment and the habit of littering. Also authorities should properly enforce anti-littering laws with monetary fines and start taking actions.
Finally, I would like to request our fellow citizens to stop littering and create a clean environment for the sake of this country. “My dear colleagues, let us stop this littering habit, let us make our environment safe and clean, let us show who we really are and let us make this nation proud”


[quote font=”0″ font_style=”italic” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#eeee22″ bcolor=”#191919″]The author got a bachelor degree in English and
currently working as Head of School for “Future Light
English Language Centre”. He also works as a freelance
English teacher and translator.[/quote]


Khaing Min Thant

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