ARSA terrorists ambush border guard forces at Myanmar-Bangladesh border

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The site where the security forces are ambushed by ARSA terrorists.
The site where the security forces are ambushed by ARSA terrorists.

Border guard forces patrolling along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border to provide regional stability, to prevent illegal migration and drug trafficking, were attacked by ARSA terrorists positioning in Bangladesh side yesterday morning.
The attack happened when the border guard forces arrived at the point about 400 metre south-east of the BP-41.
After the reinforcement troops from Myanmar Border Guard Force and the Tatmadaw went to the area and retaliated the terrorists, the ARSA terrorists retreated from the area. In the fighting, two police got injuries.
ARSA terrorists sneaked into Myanmar through border and conducted attacks on security forces.
The security forces confiscated the ARSA terrorists’ ammunition and utensils hidden in an area about 2,500 metre west of Khamaungseik Village on 8th April.
On 15th April, ARSA terrorists ambushed the police transporting important documents from Aungzu regional office when they arrived at 2,000 metre north-west of Khamaungseik Village. In the attack, one police died.
On 29 April, the security forces exchanged fire with two ARSA terrorists at the point about 1,500 metre north of BP-41. The security forces found drugs, improvised explosive devices and accessories together with the dead bodies of the two terrorists.
Security forces are beefing up patrolling duties along the Myanmar-Bangladesh border for the stability and the rule of law, according to the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services.—MNA

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