An echo in the hearts of the people

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The 31st August of 2016 deserves to be trumpeted as a historic day because the country has commenced its Union Peace Conference in Nay Pyi Taw, also known as the 21st Century Panglong Conference, in the fashion of the Panglong Agreement brokered by our independence architect and national leader General Aung San in a small town called Panglong of Shan State in 1947.
In addition, the four-day peace conference can be seen as a product of the government’s commitment to national reconciliation and hailed as the first step toward to the recreation of a new, diverse, harmonious and vibrant Myanmar.
Home to more than a hundred ethnic groups with their distinctive traditions and cultures, our country has been plagued by more than half a century of internal armed conflict, which has thwarted the successive governments in the restoration of enduring peace.
It is undeniable that restoring peace and stability across the country is secondary to none simply because the continuation of fighting will pose a threat to our nascent democratic reform, thereby undermining the political and economic development.
It is, therefore, incumbent on the stakeholders engaged in the discussions and negotiations in the 21st Century
Panglong Conference to demonstrate a clear determination to overcome their differences to achieve peace, for a cry for peace and solidarity has long been an echo in the hearts of the entire population.

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