Always better to build on what has already been achieved

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At the time when effort was made to regain independence from the British colonialists, there was a difference in opinion between General Aung San led national leaders and the leftist forces. The leftists assumed that reattainment of independence from the colonialists through the means of negotiation could not be a perfect freedom. Nevertheless, the national leaders led by General Aung San had chosen to negotiate because they wanted the fastest rehabilitation of their country and countrymen that had suffered dramatically from the devastations and damages inflicted by the Second World War. What has happened is that our country is still being faced with internal conflicts because of the leftist extremists’ policy of all or nothing.
This sort of policy is now being heard again in the Union Peace Conference – 21st Century Panglong. In fact, such an attitude is very dangerous and destructive to the 21st century Panglong. People are believed to be worried about this policy. It is known to the entire mass of people that strenuous effort has been exerted day and night to include all groups of armed organizations in the Union Peace Conference. In our choice of the future path, it should be pondered over well if it is appropriate to leave behind for the moment the three organizations which have not yet signed the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) or not yet decided to renounce their armed line and continue to negotiate for establishment of a democratic federal union based on NCA.
Matter-of-factly, the three organizations are always welcomed with the door open to them for further discussion. What’s more important is to continue to discuss in detail the federal principles like power sharing, resource sharing and revenue sharing etc. It is always better to build on what has already been achieved. Let’s be united and strengthen the unity already achieved in order that we can all live in peace and make effort for rehabilitation of our country torn and tattered by almost seven-decade-long internal conflicts which have been in existence between our own national brethren who have been inhabiting the same land, partaking the same water for more than a millennium, through weals and woes, joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains, sunshine and rain.

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