Alternative education programme students receive financial rewards for passing 2019 matriculation exams

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Chairman Dr Than Oo confers cash prize from Myanmar Learning Resource Centre to Ma Thet Ngon Phoo of Mingaladon Township for passing the 2019 matriculation exam through alternative education programmes.  PHOTO: MLRC

The Department of Alternative Education held a graduation ceremony for participants primary-level alternative education trainer course of Yangon education zone at B.E.H.S. 1 Kamayut on Sunday.
Firstly, course leader U Aung Soe commented on the course. Next, officials of the central course and from the Yangon Regional Education Office handed over prizes to course participants. Officials then conferred cash prizes from the Myanmar Learning Resource Centre (MLRC) to students who passed the 2019 matriculation exams through alternative education and basic education schools.
Chairman Dr Than Oo conferred prizes to Ma Thet Ngon Phoo from Mingaladon Township and handed over cash prizes for the remaining 10 students to regional supervisor U Soe Myint.
Daw Thida San from Pyay Township then spoke words of gratitude on behalf of the trainees. MLRC Vice Chairman Dr Tin Nyo gave a speech and the trainees sang ‘Kalay-myar-a-twat d-nhe’ before concluding the ceremony.
Similar zone graduation ceremonies were held in Mandalay and Mawlamyine yesterday as 249 trainees received cash prizes for passing the matriculation exams through alternative learning programmes. —MNA
(Translated by Zaw Htet Oo)

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