All you need is a change of heart

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AS we live in a multicultural society, we have a very obvious responsibility to embrace cultural diversity, encourage social equality and integration and combat racial discrimination by breaking down all cultural, racial and religious barriers through the practice of tolerance. However, peaceful coexistence remains beyond our reach.
Armed conflict has long posed a major hindrance to Myanmar’s development in all sectors. Instability and poverty have become a common refrain in today’s underdeveloped countries.
Clearly, any form of conflict has the potential to reverse economic and social development. In any outbreak of conflict, widespread human suffering is inflicted on the warring parties, as well as on the innocent people trapped in the conflict area. Just as it takes considerable time to restore peace, it also takes time to recover.
Myanmar’s decision makers should not overlook the important fact that political instability is a constant source of violence and corruption, which can, in turn, become a breeding ground for poverty and cronyism. All the stakeholders in the peace process should be aware that there is a direct correlation between political stability and national development. A single misjudgement based on egomania will no doubt be enough to entail the cobra effect—a situation in which a solution to a problem actually exacerbates it. There is nothing to lose in restoring lasting peace for national development.

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