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AL Jazeera warns of fake news, pictures on Rakhine issue

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Al Jazeera warned about fake news about human rights abuses in Rakhine on social media, disclosing a man who sent fake news and photos to Al Jazeera.
The name of the man is Ro Nay San Lwin and he posted fake photos of human right abuses in northern Rakhine on Twitter social media after the Human Rights Watch released satellite photos of burnt houses in northern Rakhine, said Leah Harding, the presenter of Al Jazeera, in Twitter In Chief#Rohingya Fake News on AJNews Grid program.
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Ro Nay San Lwin has sent fabricated news and photos to a producer of Al Jazeera.
Many pictures have flowed into the AJ News Grid program and they had made the programme team very frustrated, she said.
Myanmar has been accused of human rights abuses due to pictures of an incident that happened in Nigeria five years ago, she said.
The program has warned other media and social media to be careful of news and pictures in northern Rakhine as there are many fake news and pictures on-line.
Ro Nay San Lwin also posted a fake picture on the social media and news that a child died due to forced vaccination in Rakhine State.
An oversea community, which has received financial assistance from many donors, has been instigating conflicts in Myanmar, said the press release of the State Counsellor’s Office Information Committee.

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