Advance voting begins in Malaysia, UK

Advance voting of Myanmar citizens for 2020 General Election started in Malaysia yesterday.
A total of 1,692 eligible voters cast their votes at the Myanmar Embassy in Kuala Lumpur and 240 voted in London of the UK.
The advance voting continued in five Myanmar embassies, with 1,036 voters in Bangkok, 13 in Cairo, over 1,700 in Singapore, 662 in Seoul and 218 in Tokyo.
Due to nationwide lockdown in Israel, officials of Myanmar Embassy in Tel Aviv arranged polling stations in Arraba and Nighat. A total of 65 Myanmar students cast their votes yesterday.
Moreover, Myanmar citizens continued advance voting in seven embassies yesterday.
The Myanmar citizens finished casting votes at five embassies of Brunei, Bangladesh, Nepal and Israel and at two Myanmar Consulate-General offices in Nanning of China.
The Myanmar nationals cast their advance vote in accordance with the COVID-19 measures of their respective countries.—MNA (Translate by Khine Thazin Han)

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