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There is nothing new about people doing trivial things and sometimes scandalous things in their lives, with misery just befalling them and their families. But for people in a position of responsibility, their slipshod comments tend to have greater impact on society. They should have come to the realization that self-illusion is synonymous with self-destruction.
In an organization, the personal stupidity and greed of fat cats will be considered a constant source of mistrust and disrespect for the workers, thereby shaking the foundations of office politics. Similarly, it will be bold to suggest that parliamentarians of this kind are generally held in great public contempt by people of every kind in all walks of life.
It should be noted that age is just a number and that position is no more than a responsibility. In this instance, being senior in age or position does not necessarily imply that one knows and can do better than one’s juniors. In addition, the belief that you are better than others is a dangerous illusion.
On the whole, the ordinary people in our country are likely to be optimistic about bad luck. When bad luck befalls them, they put the blame on themselves in the thought that they might have committed some wrongdoing in one of their past existences. From a religious point of view, abandoning ourselves to fate is regarded as an act of sheer folly.

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