Accountability breeds trust in leadership

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The Myanmar people have a long tradition of holding in high esteem their leaders and are willing to risk their lives for them. Even if the leaders did something wrong, the ordinary people are likely to abandon themselves to ill fate instead of putting the blame on their masters.
Ironically, public trust is often abused to the point of exhaustion. Most of the man-made human misery in history is said to have sprung from poor management by those above. So-called leaders take advantage of the introversion of the silent majority, most who live in rural areas and want to lead a simple life.
Things are different now. A growing number of rural people have come to the sense that their voices count in nation building. In addition, they are well aware that trustworthy leaders always put the interests of the people and the country above anything else. They have had enough of vacuous speeches and hollow promises. They now understand that accountability is everything.
Simply put, trust is something that is to be earned by actions rather than words. Leaders are measured by what they do, not what they say. It is therefore crucial for future leaders to learn to earn respect and trust, stay connected with the people from all social strata and listen to their feelings, while bringing about a real rise in living standards. After all, trust is easier to lose than to gain.

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