A nation comes together to salute the spirit of our volunteers

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The COVID-19 crisis is different from other disasters, such as floods, earthquakes, and landslides. This COVID-19 crisis, which can be viewed as a prolonged war, is a great test of our stamina.
For Myanmar, which is not as rich as other countries, there are many reasons to be gravely worried about the long-term consequences of the coronavirus outbreak. To win this long war against the pandemic and its long-term consequences, it is important to systematically use the strength of the people, along with their stamina.
When the COVID-crisis began, local volunteer groups sprung up in regions and states as part of steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and to work to contain the disease.
Such proof of their altruism, at a time when many people have reason to be anxious about their private circumstances, is heartening.
But, in their relying on donors they cannot take part in the fight for the long-run, and face many obstacles along the way. The Union Government has to consider the many obstacles placed in front of the volunteers, who always offer a helping hand to the country, whenever our mettle is being tested.
The National Volunteers Corp displays the significant character of the State. But, support from some groups for the NVC must go far beyond a willingness to only applaud. For this reflects that they don’t understand the aim of the NVC.
The purpose of the National Volunteer Corp is to ensure those volunteers provide services, effectively and systematically.
Let us explain. These are an army of citizens, who are ready and willing to do what is required to help each other keep going during the difficult times now, and into the future.
Some can perform their missions systematically. But, while others have great stamina, they might lack experience in working together with governmental departments.
In the long term, volunteers, like all workers, require training and management.
The Union Government is obliged to promote the capacity of the volunteers, in terms of incorporating them into a new public service, designed with great speed, to deliver aid to people.
In the long term, it is to be hoped that the coronavirus could become the catalyst for greater integration. Right now, the priority must be for the national and local arms of government to find ways of working together and directing resources to where they are most needed.
The creation of the National Volunteer Corp should cheer everyone who believes that solidarity is as much a part of human nature as self-interest.
There is no shortage of goodwill. So let us jointly salute the spirit of volunteerism.

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