671 killed in traffic accidents in Yangon Region in 2019


A total of 671 people died in road mishaps in Yangon Region in 2019, according to the No.2 Traffic Police.
The number of deaths were higher in 2019 compared with the previous three years, according to road accident reports.
In 2019, a total of 2,324 traffic accidents were reported in Yangon Region, which left 671 persons dead and 2,667 others injured.
A total of 85 persons were killed and 269 others injured in January, 53 people were killed and 174 others injured in February, 59 persons died and 282 were injured in March, 48 persons were killed and 239 injured in April, 89 persons died and 256 were injured in May, 55 persons were killed and 222 injured in June, 49 persons died and 201 were injured in July, 40 persons were reported dead and 228 injured in August, 45 persons were killed and 170 injured in September, 48 persons died and 176 were injured in October, 54 persons were killed and 206 injured in November, and 48 persons died and 244 were injured in December.
Of the total accidents in 2019, 586 mishaps involved motorbikes, whereas 1,738 mishaps involved cars.
Reckless driving, over-speeding, defective vehicles, and inclement weather were identified as the main causes of accidents on the country’s roads and expressways.
Meanwhile, the highway authorities have deployed more road safety police and have been providing 24-hour service for travellers since 2012 to improve traffic safety on the highways.—Aye Cho (Translated by Hay Mar)

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