6 fishers prosecuted, 32 fishing boats seized in Ayeyawady dolphin protection zone


According to the Wildlife Conservation Society, six persons were prosecuted, and 32 fishing boats seized for electrofishing in the dolphin conservation zone of the Ayeyawady River in Mandalay Region within four months of 2020.
“Ayeyawady dolphin protection project has been in place between Mandalay and Kyaukmyaung dolphin protection zone since 1 September 2020. A team inspects those areas day and night and assists efforts to crack down on illegal fishers. Now, those six people have been charged under Mandalay Region Freshwater Fishing Law,” said U Kyaw Hla Thein, in-charge of the Wildlife Conservation Society, which is part of the Ayeyawady dolphin conservation project.
With the team patrolling every day during the one-year project of Ayeyawady dolphin conservation, two fishermen were arrested and 11 fishing vessels, electric fishing nets, batteries and machines seized in December, the fourth month of the dolphin protection project. The number of Ayeyawady dolphin death rate was on the rise again in 2020. The Ayeyawady dolphins have mostly been killed by electrofishing and illegal fishing.
The one-year patrolling project implemented by the Fisheries department is being carried out to reduce and finally eliminate the illegal fishing and electrofishing and develop the Ayeyawady dolphin and the fisheries resources.
According to the data recorded in February 2020, 79 dolphins have been found in the conservation area, which is the highest number on record. On the other hand, this year has seen the highest number of death rate with eight dolphins. So far, there will be over 70 dolphins in Ayeyawady dolphin conservation area. — Aung Thura (Translated by Hay Mar)

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