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5,000 tonnes of grapes to be purchased for new winery

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Grapes are seen at a farm in Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region.

Five thousand tonnes of grapes will be bought at the end of April for a wine factory which will be opened in Nay Pyi Taw, said Ko Hlaing Hlaing Tun, the vineyard owner from Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region.
“This wine factory will be opened in Nay Pyi Taw at the end of April. An experimental production run resulted in a fruitful result, so we planned to purchase the grapes in order to come into operation”, Ko Hlaing Hlaing Tun said.
“We will buy the grapes from Alekon and Ywatan village tracts for the factory. The wine produced from this plan is targeted to place on foreign markets. The grape price is possibly to remain stable due to the demand from the wine market, unlike the declining market last year”, he continued.
The prevailing market price of grapes per viss is Ks2,000 for Bq variety and Ks3,000 for Bb variety. The price is likely to ascend. The yield this year declined against that of last year because of heavy precipitation before harvest time.
The price of grapes is usually on the decline in the rainy season. The price plunged down to below Ks1,000 per viss in the last rainy season. During this rainy season, grapes are likely to fetch around Ks1,500 to Ks2,000 per viss with the possibly stable market, it is learnt.



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