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17 more bodies of Hindus found in N. Rakhine State

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Union Minister Dr Win Myat Aye consoles the families of the Hindu victims killed by ARSA extremist terrorists in Rakhine State. Photo: MNA

A day after the bodies of 28 Hindu villagers were discovered, 17 more bodies of Hindus were unearthed yesterday about 200 yards from the graves where 28 bodies were found in Yebawkya Village in Maungtaw on Sunday.
The search was carried out following information given by Hindu villagers who managed to escape from the massacre and fled to Sittway.
“The bodies were found with their throats slits while their hands were tied and were blindfolded. Some bodies had cuts in hands and feet,” said Dr Kyaw Maung Maung Thein, Maungtaw People’s Hospital Superintendent, who conducted the autopsy yesterday.
The evidences pointed to a massacre by ARSA terrorists, he added.
Hindu families who were present at the site where the bodies were unearthed confirmed that all bodies including children were from Khamaungseik Village.
Hindu villagers from the area told the journalists in the recent trip to conflict areas that Muslim militants stormed into their communities on 25 August 25, killing many, robbed their properties and fled to the forests..
Union Minister for Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement Dr. Win Myat Aye flew to the sites by helicopter yesterday and comforted the families of the victims who were killed by ARSA extremist terrorists.
Maungtaw District People’s Hospital superintendent Dr. Kyaw Maung Maung Thein, and Criminal Investigation Department Police Captain Ye Aung and party who were along with the Union Minister and Chief Minister of Rakhine State U Nyi Pu took measures for criminal investigation and for DNA test.
The Union Minister also told the families of the victims that the remains of Hindu villagers would be given a proper Hindu traditional burial.
While the Union Minister, Chief Minister and party viewed the exhuming of the 17 bodies, they told the officials to conduct matters according to the law and to provide proper burial in accordance with Hindu tradition.
Next, the Union Minister provided Ks 2 million to Tatmadaw, border police personnel and local ethnic nationals who helped in exhuming the remains.
In the evening, the Union Minister, Chief Minister and party went to Pazunchaung Ywathit village, Buthidaung Township and met with Muslim villagers, enquired about their present living condition and provided Ks. 50,000 per household to 21 households.
Northern Rakhine was plunged into a serious and dangerous crisis after ARSA terrorists raided police posts last month, unleashing an army crackdown that has displaced hundreds of thousands of civilians.—Myanmar News Agency

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